Replacement Door Trends in 2018

What’s Trending in Replacement Doors for 2018?

replacement door trendsWith a new year, comes new trends and among some of this year’s home improvement trends is something different for replacement doors. Traditional, pre-designed doors are officially out, and custom doors are in as today’s homeowners shift towards wanting their home’s entryway to be trendy and unique. From the color of the door, to glass inserts and especially the hardware, homeowners want to have a say in every part that makes up their new front door. But customized front doors aren’t the only items on the list of trending replacement door designs, interior doors are also seeing some change. Here’s a look at our door experts’ predictions for this year’s replacement door trends.

Replacement Door Trends: Popular Styles and Designs

Bold Colors – One way to give the feel of a new door, without having to replace it entirely is to paint it a new color. Over the past few years, boldly painted doors have been making a comeback and this year they’re sure to leave a mark. Many homeowners are opting for a true pop of color, by choosing a bright red or vibrant yellow. But green and blue will be making a splash this year, so if you want to be in the forefront of this trend consider a color within the blue-green spectrum. And remember, statement doors aren’t just for the outdoors.

Pocket Doors – Exterior doors aren’t the only thing changing in this year’s replacement door trends. Pocket doors are an old door trend that is back in style. With minimalism as a key component of effortlessly modern décor, pocket doors are the perfect fit. Since these doors slide into the wall, rather than opening in or out of the room, they’re an instant space maker. Adding a pocket door to a small bathroom, or a tight walk-in closet can make the area more accessible while also giving you more room.

Bi-Fold Doors –  Instantly update your home’s style with a bi-fold door. These retractable doors can be used to bridge the gap from the inside of your home to the backyard. Many homeowners have begun installing these replacement doors to act as a retractable wall that folds back to create a seamless living space that can be enjoyed from the indoors or outside.

Stainless Steel Hardware – Antique brass door hardware was dominating the trend list for the past two years, but with minimalism and modern design on the rise, homeowners are leaning towards a different look in 2018. Recently, stainless steel hardware and mortise locks have been the big choice for homeowners installing replacement doors. While the style of your door hardware helps to complete the look of your door, remember the other major things to consider when choosing the right door handles and locks.

Door Replacement in Coachella Valley

Whether you’re interested in following these replacement door trends, creating a door that’s all your own or choosing a traditional door design, our door experts at California Window & Door can help you with all your needs. We work with some of the best door and window companies to provide our customers with a vast selection of high quality doors. We can even work with you from the design stages of a project to incorporate the interior and exterior doors of your choice. Check out some of our before and after door transformations and call us at 760-773-1053 today for a free quote.

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