Interior Doors: More Than Just a Gateway

Are you dreaming of sprucing up your home’s interior with a fresh door design? Look no further than your own backyard to California Window & Door!

Interior doors are more than just a gateway between rooms. They can transform spaces, enhancing aesthetics while providing utility and function. At our expansive showroom, you’ll discover a wide array of styles and materials, each offering unique benefits to cater to your needs. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Styles and Colors
Interior doors come in various styles to match any room’s vibe. From classic panel doors to chic modern flush doors, there’s a style for every taste. The charming craftsman shaker door might be the perfect addition to your home office, while the rustic barn door could bring a cozy feel to your bedroom.

interior doors black with gold handles

When it comes to color, there’s always the timeless appeal of whites, grays, and creams, perfect for a clean, crisp look. Or perhaps a bold black door for an elegant, contemporary aesthetic. Many homeowners are now also choosing to add a pop of color to a kitchen or bathroom door to increase the home’s design. Whether you’re a fan of monochrome or color, we’ve got something for you.

Materials: Solid Core vs. Hollow Core
Hollow core doors, being lightweight and budget-friendly, are popular for interior use. Despite their name, they aren’t entirely hollow inside. Instead, the interior consists of honeycomb cardboard that’s wrapped by veneer or fiberboard. These doors are easy to install and are often more budget-friendly.

However, solid core doors offer some added perks. Heavier and sturdier, they provide excellent soundproofing, ideal for maintaining peace and tranquility in your home. In addition, with their durability, they stand up to more wear and tear, offering long-term value.

Inswing and Outswing
Doors can be either inswing or outswing, meaning they swing into or out of a room when opened. Inswing doors are common in homes, creating a welcoming feel as you enter a room. On the other hand, outswing doors save interior space and can be a great choice for small, compact rooms. The right choice depends on your room layout and personal preference.

interior doors inswing or outswing

Visit Our Showroom
Our showroom here in Palm Desert is a haven of door inspiration. With many materials, styles, and colors on display, you can get a feel for how each door could look in your home. Plus, our knowledgeable team of experts is always on hand to guide you through your options, answering any questions you might have.

We strongly believe in the power of seeing and touching the products before deciding.

The world of interior doors is rich and varied. Whether you want to express your personality, improve your home’s acoustics, or simply refresh your décor, the right door is waiting for you at California Window & Door. So why wait? Swing by our showroom and let’s find the perfect door together!

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