Statement Doors – not just for the Outdoors

Statement Doors

A few trends stormed exterior door designs in recent years: Color (it’s cool again to have a bright red or mustard yellow door!); funky shapes (arches, angles, artistic mosaics – all fair game); unique hinges and multi-frame doors (folding, gated, hanging, you name it).

But most of these fun trends were reserved for the door that separates you from your living spaces and your front stoop. Why save all the creativity for the outdoors?   These same trends can spice up your interior design, bringing interest to all of your spaces and making statements, even in places that are usually reserved for normalcy – like the hallway. Here are a few ideas to explore, and remember, at California Window and Door, we can not only create these great looks, we can also work with you to customize a mashup or two.

No more Matchy Matchy

Perhaps you have a hallway with matching, white, six-panel doors lining the way? Each room indistinct? Now you have the opportunity to adapt that plain-vanilla approach. Why not a different color for each door, or different hues or brightness of the same color? If your home, for example, features tones of browns and grays, consider a graduation from dark to light down the row of doors.

What if the doors indicated the purpose of the room? A modern business-like door for the office, and a cozy antique for the master bedroom? To make it not feel chaotic, consider tying the doors together with a common shape, or color.

Are there color trends that you could capitalize on? What about chalkboard and/or whiteboard door for your office? Or the kids rooms? Perhaps the kitchen would love a section dedicated to menu or shopping lists?

Variety is in the Hinge

If you prefer to keep things closer together, consider a unique hinge for one or two doors – perhaps hanging the “barn door” style to the kitchen or your main dining area (then the door also becomes a piece of art when the it slides to the open position). What about pocket doors, gated doors or folding doors to create a different look in unique spaces?

Remember the awesome door that Mr. Ed (the horse), leaned through? How about a Dutch door in your home?

Secret Doors

Has it been your fantasy for years to have a hidden door – a bookshelf or faux kitchen cabinet that drew you in to a secret room? Well, it doesn’t have to be a secret room anymore. Why not build fun doors into common rooms – a bookshelf that opens to a bedroom? A two-way entertainment door with flat-panel TVs to divide the office from the family room?

Not only could a secret door be a lot of fun, it could also be a great way to save space or increase storage space within your smaller home or apartment – no longer is that space lost to a door, now it can be built to serve dual purposes.

Whatever the trend you’re looking for – let us work with you to evaluate your space and our expert designers can show you examples of the stunning options that can be created to meet your specific goals.



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