The Best Exterior Replacement Door for your Home

Choosing Exterior Replacement Door

best exterior replacement doorIt’s no secret that the exterior doors of your home can make or break your home’s curb appeal, but they can also play a huge role in the functionality of your backyard. Patios are generally gathering places for family and friends so having the right doors in the entrance and exit of this backyard space can have a large effect on the ambiance of the space. Traditional doors typically don’t fit into these settings and for this reason a more modern, elegant exterior replacement door is a better fit for connecting your indoor and outdoor space. There are three main types of exterior replacement doors: French, sliding and retractable. Based on our most popular replacement door requests, our Palm Desert replacement door experts have rated which exterior replacement door is best for your home.

The Best Exterior Replacement Door

French patio doors are the most traditional stylized approach, while sliding doors are used to create a more contemporary look and bi-folding or multi-slide doors are the most modern style used in homes. Ultimately, the type of replacement door that best fits your home will depend on the style of your home’s exterior space and budget available. But there are two types of replacement doors that are most common among homeowners.

For instance, if you’re looking to create a simplified area that creates a seamless entrance and exit from the indoors to the outdoors, you’ll want to consider exterior replacement doors that are minimalistic yet functional. The best option for creating this type of space is through either a multi-slide or sliding door. These types of exterior replacement doors add simplicity to your home as they create no obstacle for furniture placement indoors or out.

Both options can enhance your home’s modern appearance. Sliding doors are a more cost-effective exterior replacement door option and the modern sliding patio door is now much slimmer and more contemporary minimizing the problems of sticking and misalignment of past years. Multi-slide and bi-fold doors are an even more modern and functional option acting as a versatile divider that extends the inside into the outdoors.

Palm Desert Door Replacement Services

No matter what style door you’re looking for, we can help you replace it. As the leading window and door replacement service provider in Palm Desert, our door and window experts at California Window & Door have been serving the Coachella valley for more than 25 years. From design to installation we can manage any replacement door project from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction. Call us today to request a quote and learn more about our window and door replacement services.

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