Tips on Choosing Door Handles and Locks

Finding the Right Door Handles

door handlesHaving the perfect door is great, but what about the door knob and the security behind the type of lock you use? Door hardware actually adds more personality to your home than you think and there’s more than one type of lock. So, if you’re looking to give your home a new look that will increase value and security than this post will help you decide which door handles and locks are right for your home.

As with any home improvement project, having a well thought out and researched plan of attack will always help to reduce the risk of mistakes. Upgrading your door handles properly and knowing what type of lock goes where will only help to minimize your costs and labor in the long run. To help, here are some things to consider when searching for new door hardware.

Things to Consider

Style: The style of your home should largely impact the style of door handle you choose. It’s best to approach the design aspect of this project the same way you would approach an interior design project. For instance, you wouldn’t add traditional artwork to a room filled with modern furniture. the same when choosing a door handle. Also, consider this: will each door handle be unique to the room it’s in or will there be uniformity throughout? Overall, consider color, design and functionality of your space before choosing the best door knob for the job.

Security: Most homeowners decide to install tubular latch locks on their doors, however mortise locks have been proven to be more effective. While a tubular latch is easier to install and replace, it’s also easier to break into. If you’re looking for top of the line security for your exterior doors, then consider installing a mortise lock instead.

Function: The type of functionality of the door will also determine the type of handle and locking capabilities. For instance, some people prefer door handles as opposed to knobs since they’re easier to open. But the type of lock placed on the knob highly depends on the functionality of the door. For example, a bathroom door usually has a privacy lock while an exterior door has an entry set lock. Other doors throughout the home may not require any type of lock at all. Functionality mainly depends on your personal security preferences.

Door Setup: The type of door you have installed may also determine the type of door hardwood you’ll need to accompany it. If you have a thicker door for instance, you’ll need to make sure your door handle kit is suited for the depth of your door’s dimensions. Also, pay attention to the type of hole allotted for hardware. This is especially important for exterior doors as some only have one hole for door hardware.

Installing a Replacement Door

If you’ve recently decided to install a replacement door, then you’re probably already considering which door handle, hinge and design you’re looking for. But, if you’ve yet to decide on a reliable door and window installation company in Palm Springs then we can help you. Here at California Window & Door our door design and installation professionals can help you with both the decision and installation process. Check out some of our before and after door transformations to see for yourself how we can help.

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