5 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

Investing in a new home can be a roller coaster ride, especially in the recent housing market! There are many things to consider and keep track of when contemplating such a large purchase.

Buying a home is a huge life event, and everyone wants to make sure that everything is in order before signing the dotted line. While there are many different aspects in deciding which home would be best, consider these 5 things to look for when buying a home to ensure that you make a good purchase.

Location, Location, Location

We know you’ve probably already heard of this critical aspect of buying a home. It is an old saying that still rings true because it is tough to pick up and move a house if the location doesn’t work out.

Make sure that the home you are looking at is in a location that fits your lifestyle. Do your research and check out the neighborhood to get a feel for what the area is like. Knock on neighbor’s doors and ask about anything they know about the property.

Gauge the distance from the house to amenities that are important to your family, including grocery stores, restaurants, and recreational areas. If you have kids, find out where the schools are and what district you are in. Keep in mind commute times as well, so that you aren’t stuck in traffic or on the road more than wanted.

Roof Quality

One of the most expensive repairs that a home can have involves the roof. This part of the home may not get the most comments from others, but it is incredibly important to the safety of the house. Ask when the roof was put on and look for areas of discoloration or concern during your tour.

A home inspector will check out the roof for you, but it is good to know when the roof will need to be replaced. A new roof is one of those homeownership expenses that is more of a question of when, rather than if, it will need to be replaced.

Working Windows

Another important aspect of any prospective home is to check out the windows in every room. Windows not only allow in natural light to a space, but they also help residents view what is outside while being in the safety of the home.

Older windows, or ones that are not installed correctly, can be a huge energy waste in the house. Make sure to open and close all of the windows and ensure that double panes are present at the very least. Ask about window replacement during negotiations if needed.

Siteline Clad-Wood windows shown from the exterior as the sun goes down
Siteline Clad-Wood windows carried by California Window & Door in Palm Desert

Property Taxes

Factoring in the local taxes for a home is a step that many new home buyers forget to pay attention to. Many people only look at the price of the house but fail to look at how property taxes come into play.

While you may be able to afford the mortgage, the additional taxes could be hundreds of dollars extra each month. It is not uncommon for property taxes to become a huge factor in which house to buy. Make sure you stay aware of property tax levels and what you can afford monthly.

A Simpson Entry Door shown from the exterior facing a concrete walkway
Simpson Entry Door carried by California Window & Door in Palm Desert

Secure Doors

Solid exterior doors are another thing to look for when buying a home. The front door should be in excellent condition with minimal issues. Look for gaps in the sealants around the door and any weak spots that could become a security issue in the future. Exterior doors should be able to swing easily and have a deadbolt locking system as well.

Check other outside access doors that could be in the backyard, primary suite, or basement areas as well. All of these should be in great condition and show no gaps that could cause energy loss.

Buying a new home is a stressful time and is one of the largest purchases in life. It is important  for new home buyers to ensure that they are making a sound investment. Keep in mind these 5 things to look for when buying a home will help narrow down your list of options to find the perfect home this year.

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