Do Your Windows Match?

Choosing Windows that Work with Your Home’s Architectural Style

Windows and Architecture of home


If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, or simply upgrading your windows, you may want to keep in mind the architectural style of your home so that the windows complement the overall design style. Here are some typical window styles used for everything from craftsman to mid-century modern homes.




Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal slider windows function just the way they sound, sliding to the left or the right. For homes with Ranch style or Midcentury Modern architecture, as we often have in the Palm Springs area, it is very important to stick with the same types of windows to keep the appeal or historical accuracy of the home. Modern style homes usually have an open layout, making the windows even more important to the design of the home as the open areas depend on lots of natural light and large windows to create the indoor-outdoor living these homes were made for.

Awnings and Hopper Windows

Awnings are windows that are hinged at the top of the window frame and open out, while hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward. These windows are popular with Craftsman Bungalow homes and Midcentury Modern style homes. These small but distinct windows contribute greatly to the aesthetic of the home which is why it’s another type of window that should be replaced with the same exact type of window. Awnings also benefit those living in wet climates, as windows can be kept partially open on rainy days without letting the rain in.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are traditional looking and operate by sliding up and down. They are compatible with most home styles since they come in various shapes and materials, but you will usually find these types of windows in Colonial or Victorian style homes. They come in various shapes and materials making them versatile.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are windows that are attached to their frame on side-mounted hinges. Instead of lifting up like double hung windows or having a handle, casement windows crank outward. This function isn’t ideal for everyone but are able to fully open, making them great if you have a beautiful view or want better ventilation in a particular room. Casement windows can be used with many types of architecture but are popular with Spanish, Mediterranean and Prairie style homes since large, narrow combinations are used to complement architecture.

Coachella Valley Door and Window Replacement Experts

These are just a few architectural styles and window types. If you’re embarking on a remodel, contact California Window and Door, and our knowledgeable staff can suggest windows that will work for your home to match the architecture. We work with some of the best door and window companies to provide our customers with a vast selection of high-quality doors and windows. Call us at 760-773-1053 today for a free quote.

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