Window Design Trends For 2020

Just like fashion, home design trends change over time. Keeping your windows up to date with current trends can help improve curb appeal and resale value, not to mention many new windows are far more energy-efficient. Here are the top 5 window design trends for 2020:


Window Design Trends For 2020

The trend toward black frames on both the interior and exterior of windows seems to be here to stay, and the palette for other darker colors may be expanding. Black-framed windows and even doors can add serious drama and style. They can set the scene for elegant and traditional interiors but work just as well as a backdrop to ultra-contemporary or industrial styles too. Another appealing quality of black window frames, is that they are meant to be shown off and accent your home décor, eliminating the need for window treatments.


A transom is the narrow window used over the top of a door (or another window) and utilizes the full height and width of a wall by bringing in as much light as possible. If you are remodeling a kitchen, consider transom windows above the cabinets or shelves. In today’s modern architecture, you’re likely to come across ventilating transoms in spa-like bathrooms. Located at the top, near the ceiling, adding diffused light for function and beauty while also helping to ventilate.



Window Design Trends For 2020

Nothing beats natural light, and to maximize the amount of it in a home’s core living space, architects and designers have developed ways to incorporate walls of floor-to-ceiling windows or doors. The feature not only adds light, but also gives homeowners the opportunity to open their homes to the outdoors. Homeowners are requesting more glass and less frame, creating a trend that is pushing manufacturers to do away with grids and muntin’s to increase the windows’ viewing area.



Window Design Trends A bay window is a combination of three windows with varying widths that create a more angled look as they extend from the wall. Bay windows make any room feel larger and more open. They work especially well in living rooms, studies, and master bedroom spaces. Or you may even consider adding them to a dining area to create a cozy nook. Bay windows have always been a highly desirable style of window to have in your home. Although not a new feature, the push to include bay windows in remodels seems to be on the rise.


Window Design Trends For 2020Architects and designers often combine windows and doors together to create a distinct effect. A sidelite is usually a narrow, vertical window positioned next to an entry door or patio doors. It helps bring additional light into tight profile spaces and are often combined with a transom (above-the-door) window. Sidelites can be customized to open, allowing more fresh air to flow into your home as well. To help create an entrance that will stand out and help increase the natural light in your home, sidelites are an excellent add-on.


Now that you’ve read the highlights and would like to update the windows in your own home, our experts at California Window & Door will work with you to help choose which window trend is right for you.

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