Updating your home with French Swinging or Sliding Doors

French Door Styles

French Door StylesDid you know that French doors are available in both sliding and swinging door styles? Updating your home with French swinging or French sliding doors is a great way to refresh the feel of a traditional patio door with a modern look. Make the most of natural lighting with a sense of style to help create a stunning atmosphere from both inside and outside your home.

Which style French doors is right for your home? Read on to see which considerations to take when selecting new French doors.

Classic French Doors – In-swing or Out-swing

Available with in-swing or out-swing motion, the Swinging French Door offers tremendous versatility to create connections with exterior living spaces. The choice is more often left up to style and functionality.

For many years, homeowners favored in-swing French doors (pictured above) because the hinges were inside your home and felt safer for security reasons. With advances in modern hardware, many of these concerns no longer exist. In-swing motion is also an ideal fit for doors that open over steep steps or homes with harsh winter conditions.

Out-swing French Doors (pictured below) open to the exterior of your home. This option is perfect since exterior clearance is typically more forgiving; walls and furniture are less likely to obstruct their motion. The out-swing motion is ideal when space is limited, and square footage is tight.

Before you start your remodel, keep in mind the additional space required when Swinging French Doors are fully opened. Will they hit a wall? Will furniture need to be rearranged? Take a look at the location of your current sliding glass door to see what adjustments, if any, need to be made.

For more light and ventilation around your French doors, opt for adding fixed panels, shown below.

Sliding French Doors

Sliding French doors offer the same elegant and upscale look as the swinging version but offer a more space-saving design. These scenic doors are right at home in both modern and rustic designs, where they complement the aesthetic by being bright and seamless as well as taking in the surroundings to the highest degree.

Sliding French Doors

Replacement Patio Doors – Material Types

If replacing your existing sliding patio door with a French sliding door or French in-swing or out-swing patio door sounds like a good fit for your home remodel, you have the option of several frame materials to choose from:

Patio Door Experts in Palm Desert

Now it’s your turn to decide which patio door option is the best for your home. If you’re having trouble deciding, our experts at California Window & Door will work with you to help choose the perfect replacement patio doors.

We’re the leading window and door replacement service provider in Palm Desert. From design stage to installation, our customer service is top notch and our consulting is of great quality. Bring your home back to life with French swinging or sliding doors. Contact us at California Window & Door by calling, 760-773-1053.

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