Top 5 Things to Consider When Replacing an Entry Door

Choosing a new entry door can be overwhelming with all the options and styles available. Knowing where to even begin the process includes some variables that are unique to every homeowner. Entry doors located at either the front, side, or back of the home greatly impact how you interact with outdoor living space and the environment. Check out these top 5 things to consider when replacing an entry door this year.

Overall Look

Every home has a certain aesthetic about it. Your home was designed and built to encompass an architectural style, whether you notice it or not. It is important to choose an entry door that fits your home’s overall look. A door that doesn’t match the home will stick out like a sore thumb and ultimately detract from the beauty of your home. Find the perfect entry door that fits your home’s style by doing some research. Look online for houses that look like yours to compare door styles. Take a walk around the block to see what neighbors chose for their homes as well.

Primary Material

While doors come in all shapes and sizes, they also are available in multiple materials. Many homeowners choose between steel, wood, fiberglass, or even glass doors for their homes. Steel doors are often the most cost-effective and offer high security and durability. Wood is a homeowner’s favorite that creates a warm and inviting touch to the home but needs some occasional maintenance. Fiberglass doors are popular in their ability to withstand wear and tear, while glass doors offer a modern look with the most illumination.

Security Options

It is crucial to select an entry door with the right security options. This depends on the location of the door as well. Front doors often require higher security since they are accessible to the general public, while back doors may be less secure given other hindrances like fences, dogs in the yard, etc.

Choosing the right locking mechanism that fits your family is essential. Deadbolts and extra locks are part of the overall door security. Visibility, in terms of glass windows within the door, is another factor when homeowners may not want to allow strangers the opportunity to look to the other side of the door. However, while glass doors are often clear, they can offer the same security as other doors with new technology in the industry.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing an entry door is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. Selecting a high-quality door that is solidly built is the first step in guarding against air loss. Many modern doors include extra technology inside the door’s core that helps prevent the home from losing energy. Fiberglass and steel doors often do better against the elements in hotter climates.

Installation is another key factor in protecting your home from energy loss. A top-notch door installed incorrectly can lose just as much energy as a cheaper option. Hire a trusted installer, like California Window & Door, to ensure that the door is correctly installed into your home.

Selecting the right entry door for your home is a great way to instantly upgrade the look of your home. Not only does a new door offer better energy options, but it also renews your interaction with outdoor living space. Contact California Window & Door today for more ideas and information on finding the perfect entry door for your home.



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