When Should I Replace My Glass Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are, arguably, an essential California staple that enables and complements our revered California indoor/outdoor culture.  Open and airy, window sliders provide visual tools that provide scenic views of our beautiful desert landscape. Sliders also promote appropriate traffic flow for sharing in a relaxing environment to spend time with friends and family as well as extend our homes from the interior to exterior environments.

The Coachella Valley is a vacation and resort destination that gives a great vibe that celebrates a distinctly Palm Springs lifestyle.  Sliding glass doors are an essential door to our precious pathways that allow us to bridge our ideal for leisure and entertaining passions.


Sliding Glass Doors


Are your sliding glass doors aging?

  1. Has bad weather impacted the quality of door frame materials (does your home currently have aluminum, resin, or wood frames?)
  2. Do your sliding glass frames fog up or trap moisture?
  3. Has warping or damage to your roller or tracks from sand, dirt, and grime accumulated?
  4. Are your sliders difficult to open and shut or do they get stuck or pop-off their rails?
  5. Do you feel a draft during hot or cold weather?


Are there benefits to upgrading or servicing your sliding glass doors?

Many homeowners feel that updating their sliding glass doors is a reasonable expectation when considering putting their homes on the market to sell.   Many older homes have dated windows that are not energy efficient.  In a climate where extremes are common, attention to draft and temperature rises can affect heating and cooling billings.  Ultra-violet (UV) protection can be added for sliders without distracting or hindering from the view.  UV protectants can, also, help detract from glare.

Safety issues can come to the front as regulatory building codes change with the times, affecting the increase in the installation of sliding glass doors. Glass designers and manufacturers have made the claim that modern glass panes have been created to splinter into smaller, less significant pieces, as opposed to shattering into large shards. While all glass breakage incidences can be potential dangers, seeking expert consultation on these issues is practical.

One of the best ideas to update your sliding glass doors are to add personality to the foundation of your home.  Be it curb appeal, a transition to another space, or the redesign of a new building or remodel project, California Window and Door can create a custom solution to meet your needs.

While the replacement of sliding glass doors and windows may seem justifiable for a variety of reasons, you must determine the most important financial factors in considering such a huge investment.  Weather damages, energy concerns, and safety issues are all viable reasons to look into sliding glass door replacement consultation.

Invisible sliding glass doors


Our team specializes in designing and replacing custom sliding glass doors.

The experts at California Window & Door can work with you to help choose which sliding glass doors are right for your home. We’re the leading window and door craft professionals and consultants with expertise in custom design, creation, replacement, and installation service. Contact us to discuss your sliding glass door needs by calling 760-773-1053.


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