Modern Window Trends for 2023

Finding the right style and shape of a window for your home is the first step to completing the look of a room. With so many sizes, shapes, and materials, it can be difficult to choose the perfect window for the space. Check out these top modern window trends for 2022 to see if your home can benefit from a bit of an update.

Vinyl Is Still King

No matter where your home is located, vinyl windows have been a top choice for window replacements and make up over half of the market. Vinyl windows offer a sleek and attractive design, as well as giving an affordable option that can really add up when replacing all of the windows in the home. They are also energy efficient, and some manufacturers offer stronger vinyl options that can help withstand storms and retain shape and color.

modern window vinyl

Smart Technology Wanted

Technology is becoming increasingly a common choice for modern windows that can help elevate your home’s overall functionality. Innovative technology apps and window options can give you complete control over your home, even when you are away. Some modern window options even come with shades built into the window itself, making it even easier to control the flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Homeowners enjoy the ease and overall functionality of smart shades that transform at the touch of a button.

Savvy Energy Saving

Climate concerns remain a top priority for homeowners with newly installed modern windows. Saving on energy costs as a way to do your part for the environment is achievable with the right window. Energy-saving windows that are double or even triple paned can create more of a barrier between the outside elements. Saving on that electricity bill is a must in our hotter climate and drastic weather patterns.

Privacy, Please

Natural light is a must-have feature in the home to create an inviting, warm, and cheerful atmosphere. For this reason, privacy glass plays a critical role in modern window trends. Commonly used in bathrooms and entry areas, privacy glass windows can be smoked or colored to help obscure the view from the outside. Other options include textured or frosted glass panes that allow the natural light to filter through without the addition of peeping neighbors or unwanted visitors.

Colorful Interior Finishes

Another modern window trend is the addition of color to the inside trim of a window. Homeowners highlight the window framing by painting the interior frame a different color than the wall. Bronze, blues, and natural brown tones are all the rage right now and help create interest in the room without overpowering the space.

No matter what kind of window you choose for your home, knowing the trends for this year can help put the finishing touch on the room. California Window & Door is the perfect place to look for modern windows and ideas on smart style options. Call us today for more information on window replacements and new technology that could help finish off the look of your room!

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