Manufacturer Highlight: Milgard Windows and Doors 

California Window and Door is proud to carry Milgard brand windows and doors for all your home needs. Milgard is a well-known brand in the windows and doors industry and has been serving customers for over 60 years now.

What Makes Milgard Unique

Milgard is a vertically integrated windows manufacturer that not only sells the products but also makes them in-house. Milgard has many plants around the country and has grown into a company that knows the product well because they are involved in every step of the manufacturing process. This means as a supplier of Milgard brand windows and doors, we know that the products are high quality.

Milgard Window Product Lines

Milgard has many options to choose from when it comes to finding a replacement window or door for your home.

Tuscany® Series V400

The Tuscany® Series window line offers a more traditional-looking window that is meant to mimic a wood window from decades ago. The frame of this window option is wider and offers equal sightlines from every side. The specially engineered vinyl formula to create the window helps it withstand harsh climates.

Trinsic™ Series V300

For those homeowners who want a narrow window profile, the Trinsic™ Series would be a great option. This type of window offers a narrow window to maximize the viewing area. The Trinsic™ Series is an excellent choice for those rooms that want to enhance the outer beauty indoors.

Style Line® Series V250

Homeowners who want a beautiful vinyl window that is budget-friendly should consider the Style Line® Series window options. The slimmer frame of this window style helps to maximize the sightlines from indoor to outdoor views with the long-lasting construction that vinyl windows offer.

Ultra™ Series C650

Those looking for a dramatic indoor-colored window frame often choose the Ultra™ Series windows from Milgard. These fiberglass windows are upscale in their overall look, which outlines each window opening with a colored frame.

Thermally Improved Aluminum Series A250

The strength and value of aluminum windows are hard to beat, and the Thermally Improved Aluminum Series from Milgard offers extended-lasting properties. These windows are more energy efficient than past options with aluminum frames, and the improved design helps to create a better thermal barrier.

Milgard Door Product Lines

Homeowners can order doors in any of these aforementioned product lines that include the Tuscany® Series V400, Trinsic™ Series V300, Ultra™ Series C650, or the Thermally Improved Aluminum Series A250. In addition, they also offer the following product lines for doors.

AX550 Moving Glass Walls

Create instant additional living space with the use of AX550 Moving Glass Walls from Milgard. These walls provide protection from the elements when needed and then move out of the way to expand the living space to the outdoor areas around your home.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Add the look and feel of luxury to your home by purchasing a Milgard® Moving Glass Wall System. These sliding glass walls are meant to move easily and create a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Why You Should Choose Milgard Windows for Your Home

There are many reasons to consider Milgard windows for your home building or window replacement project!


  • Designed & Assembled in the USA
  • Award-Winning Products
    • Of the many accolades that Milgard has received, BUILDER magazine recognized Milgard windows as the “Best Quality Vinyl in the Nation” a total of 9 times!
  • High-Performance Products
    • Milgard windows carry the AAMA Gold Label from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, which meets strict testing and requirements.
  • Full Lifetime and Lifetime Limited Warranties
    • Milgard stands behind its products and takes pride in creating windows and doors that will last for decades. Every product includes a warranty according to the series purchased.
  • Sustainability Commitment
    • Milgard practices the highest standards in sustainability by recycling 97% of vinyl manufacturing scraps for future windows. The company also has decreased its overall glass waste and is committed to reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Plenty of Happy Customers
    • Check out the many customer reviews regarding Milgard windows to see what homeowners just like you think of the products.

No matter what kind of window or door you need for your new home or replacement project, Milgard windows have a style and price point that will fit any budget. Invest in a window from a highly trusted company that has proven itself in the industry.

California Window & Door is proud to be the number one dealer of Milgard products in the Coachella Valley and can help you find the perfect window or door for your home. Contact the professionals and California Window & Door today to learn more about Milgard windows and door options.




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