Mid-Century Window and Door Replacements

Modernism in the Desert

When it comes to architecture and geographic surroundings, modernism is alive and well throughout the Coachella Valley. With Palm Springs coining the nickname “retro retreat,” the city embodies a rich history of renowned modern home designs. It’s no wonder Palm Springs window and door replacements are beginning to shift towards a mid-century approach. See how you can incorporate this sleek, modern look in to your home’s interior and exterior with these window and door replacements.

Tips for Window and Door Replacements

Sleek Windows: Let there be light!

window and door replacements

Sleek windows are minimalism at its best. Simple floor to ceiling windows with minimal or unique window panes can give your home the perfect modern touch. Create a home that bathes in natural light and accentuates the uncluttered design of mid-century modernism and transform your home’s atmosphere. Before installing, consider the types of materials that will sustain extreme desert temperatures for years to come.

Entry Door Replacements: Make a great first impression!

The entry door of your home is the first thing people see, and we all know that first impressions count. Make the perfect introduction with a modern entry door. Consider a unique hinge, a sleek door design or stainless steel hardware that embodies the mid-century modern characteristics. It’s important to take note of measuring the width and height of your door slabs and hinge locations before replacing your doors.

Sliding Doors: A Sleek Interior Finish!

Your sleek mid-century modern home won’t be complete without sliding or pocket doors. This an ideal way to enrich your home’s interior while also saving space. Sliding and pocket doors can include patented locking, glass or wood features, and various color finishes.

Window and Door Replacements in Palm Springs

If you’re ready to upgrade to a more modern aesthetic, California Window & Door can help make your vision come to life. We work with quality window and door experts and products that provide our customers with the best materials, the latest styles and lasting designs that best fit their home. From the blueprint to the installation, we are open to helping with any home project. Call today for a free quote, (760) 773-1053.

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