Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Windows

There are always ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Living in the middle of the desert requires a lot of protection from the heat. Windows are a major source of energy loss as they age and become compromised. Not only does an older window cost you money in cooling costs, but it also can hurt other areas of your home if compromised or damaged. Learn more about how to choose the best energy-efficient windows for your home with these tips.

Energy Efficient Windows Overview

ENERGY STAR is an indicator of those windows that meet the strict standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Windows deemed energy efficient are those designed to keep air from escaping your home. This often means the cool air in our homes escapes to the outside in our desert climate, resulting in more costs to run the air conditioner. Windows included in this program have a blue ENERGY STAR logo on the packaging.


Double or Triple Pane Options

Double-paned windows became the industry standard in the 1970s and 1980s. Many homeowners are familiar with the double-paned windows common in homes today. These windows feature two panes of glass with either air or gas in between them. This air pocket creates an added barrier to help insulate the home.


Importance of Window Frame Materials

Choosing a framing material that is both energy-efficient and fits the overall style of your home is essential. Energy-efficient windows come in many different framing options, including metal, wood, composite, vinyl, or clad wood. Many homeowners in the desert region choose vinyl frames that help reduce heat transfer into the home.


Low-E Glass Coating

Another way to guard your home against the desert heat and sun is to choose a low-emissivity or Low-E coating. This specialized coating helps protect against infrared and ultraviolet rays from entering the house. Low-e glass coating is an added option for energy-efficient windows.


Ensure Proper Installation

The most energy-efficient window on the market won’t do your home much good if not installed correctly. Hiring a professional window service to install new windows is a vital part of the process. These professionals know how to measure and fit a window, making it less likely to fail or cause issues in the future. Caulking and the proper barrier techniques are also essential to use during installation. Without a professional window installation, your home’s energy efficiency could be compromised.

Choosing to replace your home’s current windows with energy-efficient options is a great way to ensure that the cooled air within the house doesn’t escape. When selecting the best window option, it is crucial to work with a certified and professional window installer.

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