Glass Doors – A Great Option for Your Home

Remodeling or building a new home is an exciting part of life but can also be overwhelming! Hundreds of decisions are to be made, and you probably never knew just how many choices there are for every aspect of your home.

When it comes to selecting the right kind of door for your entryway or outdoor living space, glass doors are the way to go. Not only do these doors provide a lot of natural light, but they also help blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Check out these 5 glass door options for your new home construction.

Folding Glass Patio Doors

Modern homes deserve modern elements and installing glass folding doors to your patio area is a great addition to any new home. Commonly found in temperate climates with great weather year-round, folding glass doors leading to the patio help create more accessible living space. The glass paneled doors fold like an accordion to one side of the threshold to create more open space. When closed, the folding patio doors create a tight seam that keeps the weather out without giving up the view outside.

Sliding Glass Pocket Doors

We all know how a sliding glass door works for most homes, but why not elevate your new home construction with a door that slides into the wall? Pocket configurations allow the door to slide into the wall cavity, creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. This is a great option for those homes that want that extra bit of space that a traditional open door would take up.

Panoramic Glass Doors

Another excellent glass door option for your modern home is a panoramic door system. This type of door looks like a folding or sliding door setup but has some extra features. A panoramic glass door system allows you to slide the door panels over and hinge them together in an open position. Each door panel is operated separately, allowing you to pick and choose how you want the door to function. You can also use the panoramic doors to provide ventilation into the home while not disturbing the beautiful view.

Glass Dutch Doors

While your new home may not be a century old, plenty of homeowners still love the nostalgic farmhouse look that has stood the test of time. Why not embrace that style with the beauty and functionality of a glass Dutch door? A Dutch door is typically a door that has been cut in half resulting in a bottom and top door. Both doors can be closed and locked, or just the bottom half can be closed with the top door open.

A glass Dutch door includes a solid bottom section to help keep out pets and muddy paw prints, while the top section has a glass insert. These doors are also high on function if you want to keep furry friends outside but still allow fresh air into the home.

Glazed Glass Entry Doors

Add the perfect pop of style and interest to your front door by choosing a glazed glass entry door. With so many glass door options available, there is no reason to bypass the chance to make a statement with the door that everyone will notice from the curb.

A glazed glass entry door allows filtered natural light into the entryway while keeping the home secure. The glass glazing obscures the view so that your home isn’t visible to outside onlookers. Add in some other wood paneling options, and you’ll have a beautiful door and a work of art by itself!

No matter what kind of glass door you choose in your new home construction, the addition of glass with the security function of a door allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when the door is fully closed.

Still need help choosing glass door options for your home? Contact California Window & Door today for more information on different brands and styles that will complement your new home.

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