Feng Shui Tips For Your Windows And Doors

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese tradition that encompasses spatial relationships within a home that promote harmony and balance. Translated literally to “the way of wind and water,” feng shui has roots in China but has spread in popularity throughout the world. Ideally, when a home is constructed following feng shui principles, it allows for the flow of energy in positive directions throughout the home (and purportedly helps improve one’s finances, mood, and life).

Based on the feng shui tradition, the relationship between windows and doors in a room defines energy flow, and their positions are critical to a proper feng shui floor plan. The shape, size, placement, and color of doors and windows are also very important.


Let’s look at how windows and doors play a role in your home’s feng shui.


We all want to walk through our front door and feel calm and happy. After all, the entry is what sets the tone and ambiance for your whole house. The entry door is significant in feng shui as it is the place where energy, like wealth, opportunities and resources, are “invited” into the home. Brightly colored front doors boost curb appeal, but according to the principles of feng shui, they can also attract positive energy.



Windows represent how we see the world, and windows that allow natural light contribute to positive energy flow. Also, windows that are in proper working order help invite fresh air into your abode.

It is important to keep windows throughout the home clean and free of external obstacles to provide clear sightlines and perspectives.

Window placement is critically important, especially in bedrooms, whereby positioning a bed underneath a window is considered bad feng shui.



In feng shui, the direct alignment of front and back doors is to be avoided so as not to let good energy rush quickly through a direct route of your house. Offset doors and windows will allow positive energy to take time, meander, circulate and nourish your home.

Arguing doors are also to be avoided. In feng shui, arguing doors refer to three or more doors in close proximity to one another, especially if they touch each other when opened.  The space around doors should be free and uncrowded.



As always, with good feng shui practices, a balanced and harmonious flow of energy in your home is the primary goal. Whether you subscribe to the tenants of feng shui or not, we can all agree that when a home flows smoothly, it allows you to move with ease and enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable lifestyle in every room.

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