What Is the Best Front Door for Full Sun?

We all know that sun exposure can be brutal on your home. Not only is the sun damage easy to miss from day to day, but it also can greatly affect and compromise the materials of your home. On top of that, full sun exposure can easily increase the temperature inside of your house, resulting in higher energy costs.

While we love the sunny climate of Southern California, the daily sun rays can do more damage than we think. There are also many things to consider when selecting the right kind of door for your home. So, what is the best front door for full sun?

Okay: Wood Doors

While everyone loves the look and feel of the warmth of wood, it isn’t the greatest choice for full sun. The power of the sun can warp and twist a wood door over time, making it hard to open and close. Wood also swells with different temperatures and humidity, which can lead to disaster when added to sunlight.

While wood doors are an option for shaded areas or literally any other door facing a different direction, they aren’t recommended for southern or west-facing entries. However, if you have your heart set on wood, consider building a shaded entryway or overhang to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

Better: Steel Doors

Another popular door option for many homeowners is steel doors, thanks to their security benefits. However, a steel door that sits in the California sun all day may become hot to the touch.

In addition, if you have an aluminum storm door as well, the buildup of heat in between the aluminum and steel can cause the finish of the steel door to peel. Add to that the fact that steel isn’t the most energy-efficient option, and you’ll be adding extra heat to your home as well.

Best: Fiberglass Doors

With the longest warranty compared to other door materials, a fiberglass front door is an excellent choice for a southern or west-facing entry. Fiberglass can last up to 20 years, and they are just about as maintenance-free as you can get. You can choose from different skins and designs on the fiberglass door to create a custom look.

Front Door for Full Sun

Another plus to choosing a fiberglass door for full sun exposure is that this type of material is the best at climate control. It can withstand the California heat and keep your home cooler than other door types.

Remember to Consider Windows

Many doors, no matter what type of material they are, have additional features that include glass windows. While these windows provide a sightline for security, they will also allow the sunlight to enter your home. When choosing the best type of door for a full sun exposure location, consider foregoing the glass windows if you are concerned about additional heat to the home’s interior.

Replacing an old door is an essential part of home maintenance. Your southern exposure door probably has some visible damage from ultraviolet rays. When selecting a type of wood material, consider choosing fiberglass for the best protection.

Need help deciding which kind of fiberglass door to get for your home? Contact California Window & Door today for more information and details on styles.

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