The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for your Home

energy efficient windowsAs the heat continues to rise, have you noticed your electric bill doing the same? Your windows could be the reason for this. Energy efficient windows can be one of the best things to happen to your home. Containing numerous benefits, it’s no wonder most homeowners in the United States are converting to these types of windows. If you’re considering making the switch, here are some of the ways that energy efficient windows can benefit you and your home.



The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Non-energy efficient windows can be a major source of heat loss in winter and unwanted heat gain in summer. Homes that switch to energy efficient windows see a major increase in savings in both the heating and cooling of their home. Homeowners who switch have experienced anywhere from a 30-45 percent saving on cooling costs and a 20-25 percent saving on heating costs.

Lower HVAC Costs

High-performance windows can also help to reduce peak heating and cooling loads as well. Since the size of a HVAC is determined by the maximum requirement for heating or cooling at one time, the higher the load means your AC is working harder.

Improve Comfort

Strong direct sunlight through a window can create an uncomfortable environment. Conversely, cold glass can create an equally uncomfortable draft. Installing windows with an energy efficient Low-E glass can easily solve this problem. It reduces the effects of the outside while simultaneously insulating the temperature inside. This type of glass along with proper weather stripping to reduce air leakage can immensely improve the comfort of any room.

Increase Daylight

Considering daylight and views are the best part about windows, it’s no use having to cover them all the time to keep your house cool. Gone are the days where windows have to be tinted in order to keep out the unwanted heat of the sun. Now, windows are coated to provide better heat reduction with a minimal loss of visible light. So, you’ll be able to enjoy the view without having to feel the intense heat of the outdoors.

Minimize Fading

Many organic materials including carpets, fabrics, paper and paints may fade upon extended periods of exposure to sunlight. Especially when these items are exposed to radiation from ultraviolet rays. The new coatings on energy efficient windows can reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays by 75 percent. Avoid the installation of clear, uncoated glass to ensure that your interior furnishings remain bright and full of life for years to come.

Installing Replacement Windows

There are four main factors to consider when choosing new energy efficient windows: frame, glass, design and installation. Rather than figure out the intricate workings and researching all the pros and cons of each factor, choose a trusted window company to help you. Our window professionals at California Window & Door can provide you with detailed information to assist your choice. Then, we’ll install the best replacement windows for your home. Don’t go another month without energy efficient windows. Contact us and start making the change to efficiency today.

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