The Beauty of French Doors

French doors make an elegant statement and bring beauty to all styles of homes, from contemporary to traditional-style homes. They are ideal for creating fluidity between two spaces and are a smart way to add privacy yet keep a visual connection between areas. Designers and homeowners often use French doors to create clear pathways, open up views and allow light to flow freely from room to room.

While often thought of as a more traditional choice, French doors are now available in various designs and materials. The new design options make them easy to incorporate into any home and can be customized to your specifications. The design options are nearly endless when you consider glass, wood types, colors and sizes.

Exterior French Doors

exterior french doors

Contrary to popular belief, French entry doors are highly energy efficient. Often manufactured with two panes of glass, they provide excellent insulation and are a safe choice to keep the desert heat out and cool air indoors. In addition, exterior French doors add tremendously to curb appeal and add a touch of elegance buyers will appreciate immediately. As well as adding a welcoming feel, exterior French doors let natural light into otherwise dark entry hallways.


Patio French Doors

patio french doors

Patio French doors help connect outdoor space with indoors and typically allow for an opening twice as wide as two-panel sliding doors. More space is a significant benefit when entertaining with a lot of foot traffic in and out. However, it requires more floor space to open and close, so keep that in mind when considering French doors. A professional window and door company like California Window & Door can help advise on the correct configuration for your home. Patio French doors come in various styles and sizes, and we can recommend one that suits your style and needs perfectly.

Patio French doors are durable and can be energy-saving due to double pane windows and the high-end door surround materials. They also take less time to open and close than sliding doors – reducing the amount of escaped air.


Interior French Doors

interior french doors

Internal French doors connect spaces and provide extra light. Using French doors instead of solid doors creates a stylish separation while making the space appear much larger. Interior French doors are perfect for a den, dining room or office where you want to have privacy and quiet without completely closing off the two rooms from one another. French doors can be a bold statement or a seamless integration in your home, depending on style, color and material. For example, black frames can create a Parisian or Bohemian feel, whereas white frames are light and ethereal.


How Much do French Doors Cost

There is no set price range for French doors as there are so many variables to consider. Style, material and finish are the primary considerations, as well as the size of the doors. If you want to get a price for a set of French doors, give us a call at 760-773-1053 or stop by the California Window & Door showroom at 75-100 St Charles Place in Palm Desert.

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