Shopping for New Windows? Consider These Tips.

Window shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you are actually shopping for new windows. With the many new window designs and styles, it can be somewhat of an overwhelming task to select the windows that are right for your home and your style. Here are some tips to help get you started with the process.

Gather Inspiration

Home magazines are great resources and you’ll find a wealth of resources online such as Houzz and Pinterest. Search on Instagram by hashtags for the type of windows you’re thinking of and take inspiration from projects you see there. Flip through interior design magazines and tear out pages with rooms that inspire you. Do you notice a common theme or style of windows that stand out?

vinyl windows
Premium Vinyl Windows


Window material has changed over the years and now offers many durable materials that look or feel different. Visiting a showroom like the one we have at California Window and Door will help you understand functionality and features. At a showroom, you will be able to see the difference between vinyl, composite, wood clad, and fiberglass frames, and an expert consultant can walk you through the benefits of each option.

clad wood frame
Clad Wood Frame



Replacing windows is a long-term home investment that you may see a return on when selling your home and can also provide short-term benefits as they help lower energy bills and save you money. The cost of window replacement is determined not only by the quality of the material but also by size and placement. In addition, there are labor costs that vary depending on the complexity of the install. When replacing a window, you may consider changing the size to let more light into the room or even putting a new French door in its place. Beautiful, high-quality windows that let in light and are easy to maintain are attractive to any home buyer.


At California Window and Door, we offer a full showroom so you can see different window options in person and help you with the decision-making process. Seeing the windows in person and working with a knowledgeable consultant is a wise strategy when making a major home improvement investment. Call us at 760-773-1053 to set up a consultation, we look forward to helping you. 

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