Rooms to Consider for New Windows and Doors

before-after-win3New windows and doors can make a dramatic difference in the beauty and functionality of your home. From increasing natural light into a space to creating a more convenient entry, new windows and doors provide an array of options for your home. California Window and Door has a vast selection of designs and materials to complement any style. Consider these areas to upgrade to new windows and doors:


If you have the space, remodeling a single front door to double doors creates a more upscale appearance and adds the convenience of more space when moving furniture or other large items through the entry. You might also choose doors with windows or add windows around the doorway to add more light into what is often a dark area.


Many older homes have a small outdated window over the sink, however, simply increasing the size of this window can create a much more modern feel to your kitchen. A bigger window provides better views and more natural light which most people prefer in the kitchen. If you grill or entertain in your backyard often, adding a pass-through window and ledge will add convenience and style to your outdoor living. You may also consider moving a window to create a better space and flow for cabinets and appliances as well as considering adding a door to the outside.


Bathrooms are also an area that tend to have small or no windows, but more natural light and better ventilation is welcome in this room as well. Replacing a door with a new style that includes glass or a window is a good option. You might also consider adding a door if that is possible, creating easier access to the bathroom from the backyard, especially if you have a pool. No more dripping throughout the house to get to the bathroom!


This is another room that can gain a whole new look and functionality by changing a window to a slider or French doors. If you want more natural light, but don’t want to give up wall space, there are great options for short, but long windows or multiple small windows to add higher up on a wall. This maintains privacy for this room as well, as they can be placed above eye level.

If you are planning to transform the look and functionality of your home, consider replacing your windows and doors. Our professionals at California Window and Door can help you with design ideas to match your budget and style. More than just a style upgrade, there are a variety of other benefits to replacing windows and doors, including energy efficiency and increased security. Visit our showroom to begin imaging the changes to your home.

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