Replacing Windows for Energy Efficiency


An Eco-Friendly Solution: Energy Efficient Windows

You may be trying to keep lights off when not in use or unplug appliances, but it may be your excess use of air conditioning or heating that is really making an impact. If you want to save energy as well as money on your electric bill, replacing the windows of your home is an excellent option. Although you may think of replacing windows as an unnecessary expense, new windows are actually an investment that can pay you back in a few ways.

Take a look at how energy-efficient windows work below:

energy efficiency windows

Replacing windows in your home is often thought of as just a cosmetic upgrade, frequently combined with other renovations. However, you may not realize that new windows can also have a significant impact on your energy bills. California Window & Door can help you when considering replacing windows for energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Replacing Windows for Energy Efficiency

Many older windows no longer seal properly and welcome the outdoor air right into your home. There are often small cracks and leaks that you may not even notice. As the outdoor air is constantly creeping into your home, this obviously affects the indoor temperature. To compensate, you’re constantly either turning up the heat or cranking the air.

Temperature Control

Making the decision to exchange your old windows for new energy efficient windows will make a significant difference in the overall temperature of your home. Heat gain and loss through windows account for 25-30% of residential cooling and heating energy use. Once the air has been sealed into your house, you will soon find that you are not using your air conditioner nearly as much as you were before. You should immediately see a decrease in your electric bill each month. This will in turn reduce your carbon footprint and will make your home significantly eco-friendlier.

Add Style to Your Home

Aside from replacing your windows to drastically increase the energy efficiency of your home, it also offers aesthetic benefits. Your windows can increase the flow of natural light in your home. Your home will instantly look fresh and upgraded with a set of new high-performance windows.

Save Money

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that drafty, old or single pane windows are one of the most common causes of a high electricity bill. Replacing old windows for energy efficient ones can significantly decrease the energy use in your home, while also creating a dramatic increase in curb appeal. Many cities also offer a significant tax credit for upgrading to energy-efficient windows. There are also PACE programs that offer 100% financing and no money down.

Protection and Silence

Energy-efficient windows are often highly insulated and this enables inherent soundproofing. The sound of outside traffic or ambient noise is considerably reduced. In addition to the generous silence, these windows are created with a special coating that blocks UV rays. Exposure to UV Rays can damage furniture, carpets, and specific fabrics. With energy-efficient windows, your interior designing is safe!

Replacing Your Windows in The Desert

Whether you’re looking to save money or upgrade your windows, California Window & Door can aid your decision and installation process. From traditional to modern and everything in between, at California Window & Door we offer an exclusive selection of replacement windows to maintain the architectural design of your home. Or, we can help you select an updated style to create a more contemporary look and can even create custom windows to accommodate a unique size or style.

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