Replacement Windows: Do You Know Your Window Style?

Replacement WindowsIf you are considering replacement windows, the first thing you may need to know is what window style you need. Whether you want the same type of window or an upgrade, with our vast selection and expertise, California Window & Door can help you update your home with new windows.

Here are some common window styles:

Casement Windows – are hung from the side and usually have a crank to open like a door.

Sash Windows – are made with one or more movable glass panels.

Horizontal Sliders – probably one of the most common window styles, horizontal sliders have the sashes side by side and one side slides open over the other.

Single Hung Windows – the top sash doesn’t move, and the bottom moves up to open.

Double Hung Windows – both the top and bottom open up and down.

Picture Windows – large, fixed windows that do not open.

Radius Windows – an arch or half circle window above another rectangular window.

Updating your windows can make a significant difference in the curb appeal of your home. Older window trim and some styles can make your home appear dated. Modern styles or simply new windows can create a new look with just this step. For particular homes, you’ll want to replace the windows with the same style to maintain the integrity of the architectural design.

You will probably find that not all windows in your home are exactly the same. You may find that you need a few different types and may even want to change some to be more functional (a larger opening) or of a different design (more panes). Or even change a window into a door!

At California Window & Door we work with architects, builders, home owners, HOA’s, interior designers and other industry professionals. We can help from the design stage though installation. Our beautiful showroom is open to the public and we are happy to explain the features and differences in replacement windows. We also can work with you on custom designs to create the special windows you’ve been imagining.

So whether you are looking for a simple update in the same style or a total transformation of design, contact us at California Window & Door: (760) 773-1053

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