How to Decorate Your Door for the Holidays

decorate your door

Whether you have an older front door or a brand new replacement door, when you decorate your door and outside entryway it’s wonderful way to welcome the holiday season. At California Window and Door, we love a gorgeous and inviting entryway, so here are some ideas to share.

decorate your doorTraditional Front Door Wreath
The classic front door adornment is a pine wreath, however, wreaths now come in a huge variety of styles and colors. We’ve seen natural wreaths made from pine cones, flowers, fruit, nuts, wheat stalks and so much more. It relatively easy to make your own design. Starting with a Styrofoam circle, attach bright and shiny ornaments or a variety of small toy such as train cars, tiny dolls balls and such. Just about the easiest wreath that we’ve seen, is a colorful scarf wrapped around a Styrofoam circle and tied into a bow at the end. You could choose almost any theme or objects that are special for your family.

Festive Hanging Bundles
Don’t feel like fashioning a traditional circle? Just bundle some pine branches and other winter greens with floral wire and a festive ribbon and you have a lovely door hanging. Or hang a handful of pine cones from ribbons of different lengths. You could also hang bells of different sizes or colors, or different sizes and colors of tree ornaments. This is a simple project that can have a beautiful impact.

Gift Wrapped Greeting for Guests
Fashioning your door as a present is relatively easy. Although you could literally cover your door with festive gift wrap, for a simple, but sweet look, just attach wide ribbon vertically and horizontally as on a box, and make a large bow in the middle. Add a cardboard “tag” with whatever greeting your wish.

A Welcome Greeting Banner
There are a few ways you could create a large personal greeting on your door. One easy way is to hang a wide long ribbon down the door and attach pre-cut felt or other letters to create a message, such as “Holiday Greetings.” Hang a larger piece of fabric and cut larger letters for a bold message such as “Joy!” Or, create letters for you message from shiny tinsel garland.

Snowflakes on a Desert Door
You can get the kids easily involved with this idea. Most kids know how to fold and cut paper to make unique paper snowflakes. Add paint or glitter and hang with ribbon to create a sweet winter wonderland for your guests.

Additional A-door-nments
To create an even more festive entryway, add a few more layers of decorations. An easy addition is a holiday themed doormat, and some other ideas are a small Christmas tree and if you have a bench or chair near your door, add holiday themed pillows. And, a huge festive ribbon on the mailbox can be the final detail.

At California Window and Door, beautiful doors and entryways are our specialty. Before you decorate your door for the holidays, give yourself the gift of a replacement front door. Visit our showroom to see our extensive selection of doors in a variety of materials, colors and styles. No matter what time of year, the best way to decorate your entry is with a new replacement door.

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