Natural Light Windows

Window Styles that Allow the Most Natural Light

Window Styles that Allow the Most Natural Light

Choosing the ideal natural light windows and style is essential for homeowners looking to enjoy warm, sunlit interiors every day.

Natural light in interior spaces has been shown to improve energy and productivity. It can also enhance mood, comfort and even improve circadian rhythm, which provides numerous health and wellness benefits. Windows that allow a lot of natural light can also lead to reduced energy costs in homes.

Read on to discover the best window styles for maximizing natural light and upgrading your interiors to create the perfect ambiance in your home.

Bay Windows with a View

Window Styles that Allow the Most Natural Light











Searching for a way to make your room bigger and brighter? A bay window may be the solution. This style of window projects outward from the wall, creating a bay area. This is an excellent option for allowing a large amount of natural light to shine into an interior room.

Therefore, Bay windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking to maximize their space, increase natural lighting, and even upgrade their home’s curb appeal. Because of their large and open design, they offer panoramic views and fill the room with a warm, natural glow from multiple directions.

Picture Windows for Natural Light

Picture Windows










Picture windows are made up of rectangular, fixed panes of glass, offering wide, unobstructed views and a large amount of light to flow through. These types of windows are a common choice due to their uncomplicated design and the way their simplicity allows them to be extremely versatile.

This style of window offers excellent views. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors in and creating a well-lit interior, perfect for maximizing productivity in the space. Picture windows are ideal for  enjoying the warm glow of sunlight streaming in.

Bright Clerestory Windows

Clerestory Windows











Clerestory windows are a unique style of window. These are found situated far above eye level on a wall. These windows are perfect for allowing a lot of natural light.

Because of their location high up on a wall, Clerestory windows were created to admit daylight into a room, as well as provide fresh air and ventilation. Throughout history, clerestory windows were used in the upper level of churches. The row of windows flooded the space with light without being too harsh.

Today, many energy-efficient buildings are made with clerestory windows. They cool the home and are a great option for brightening up a space.

Natural Light with Casement Windows 

Casement Windows











This style of window opens inward or outward, somewhat like a door, and is attached to a frame by hinges on its sides.

In other words, Casement windows are designed in a way that allows a lot of light to shine through. They bring fresh air and sunshine into interior spaces with ease. The large glass space in a casement window allows for more light and offers a wide-open view of the outdoors.


In conclusion, these are some of the best window styles for allowing the most natural light. If you’re looking into installing new windows or remodeling your home, contact California Window and Door, and our knowledgeable staff can suggest windows that will work best for illuminating your home. We work with some of the best door and window companies to provide our customers with a vast selection of high-quality doors and windows. Call us at 760-773-1053 today for a free quote.

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