Installing New Windows & Doors In Your Joshua Tree Home

The Southern California housing market has experienced a surge over the past year, continuing a real estate boom with high demand and low home inventory. And there is no place where that fact is more evident than in the high desert town of Joshua Tree and neighboring communities like Yucca Valley and Pioneer Town.


According to Zillow, Joshua Tree home values have gone up 21.4% over the past year, which shows that Joshua Tree properties are a hot commodity for home buyers and investors flocking to the area. Based on the search for affordability and the ability to work remotely, more and more people are relocating from bigger cities like Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Diego to smaller towns like Joshua Tree. The high desert is a unique community of artists, working families, telecommuters, snowbirds, and retirees that offers individuals and families an escape from the frenetic city for a peaceful desert respite.


One of the components that makes buying real estate in Joshua Tree a strong investment is due to the growing tourism industry and proximity to renowned Joshua Tree National Park. The area is primed to make rental and Airbnb properties a lucrative investment.


Joshua Tree real estate definitely has a style of its own. That said, many of the existing properties might require a little renovation. One of the most important updates to your high desert property is to make sure your windows and doors allow you to take in the beautiful vistas, boulder formations, and the region’s cactus, yucca, and of course, Joshua trees.

Joshua Tree Windows and Doors

Many components go into a home renovation, but there are certain things you will want to tackle first. Choosing the right replacement windows and doors should be taken care of early in the renovation process as it is essential to address structural elements before moving on to cosmetic changes.


It would be best to consider different types and sizes of windows when remodeling your desert oasis, as every property is unique. There are several ways to create uninterrupted views with windows, and options range from picture windows, bay windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and even more, including fully custom windows. In addition, French doors, multi-slide, and folding door systems offer dramatic opportunities to sit back and enjoy the views as well as enhance your indoor/ outdoor lifestyle.

Joshua Tree Homes

It might be hard to believe, but maximizing your views shouldn’t be your only consideration when selecting replacement windows and doors for your remodel or renovation project. The temperatures in Joshua Tree swing from cold in the Winter to quite hot in the summer, so your windows and doors should be both functional and energy-efficient in addition to providing outstanding views. There are several options in energy-efficient door and window materials that will not only help keep the hot or cool air inside but can also help you save on your utility bills over time.


If you are looking to remodel or upgrade the window and doors in your Joshua Tree or high desert property, we’d love to speak with you. At California Window and Door, we offer a full showroom to see different window options to help you with the decision-making process. Seeing the windows in person and working with a knowledgeable consultant is a wise strategy when making a significant home improvement investment. Call us at 760-773-1053 to set up a consultation.


We look forward to helping you.



Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson [Unsplash]

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