Inswing or Outswing Patio Doors – How to Determine What’s Right for Your Home

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One of the most significant decisions a homeowner must make when selecting a patio door is which way the door swings. Patio doors connect a home’s living space to the outdoors and each type of swing offers unique benefits.


In colder climates, outswing doors are sometimes avoided as snow buildup can prevent you from opening an outswing door. In hurricane zones, forceful winds against inswing doors can create dangerous situations.


In our desert climate, both inswing and outswing doors have several benefits:



Most homeowners assume that inswing doors are safer since they have hinges on the home’s interior. However, outswing doors thresholds are specially made with non-removable hinge pins on the exterior side of the door frame for added security. In addition, outswing doors are virtually impossible for an intruder to kick in. To counter any safety concerns with inswing doors, you can add deadbolt locks with a sturdy strike plate that won’t cave when manipulated. 


Spatial Considerations

Outswing patio doors maximize your indoor living space while inswing doors maintain usable space on the outside of the door. On the other hand, if you have a small patio but have adequate room in the home’s interior, an inswing patio door would be ideal. This style is also suitable if you have flowerpots or other outdoor décor and furniture near the door.


 outswing patio doors


Energy Efficiency

Outswing doors feature a positive stop and compression gasket, creating a weather-tight seal minus the friction. When temperatures are soaring in the desert, you don’t want hot air leaking into the house.


Inswing Patio Doors


Ease of Operation

Due to the compression gasket feature, outswing doors are usually smoother. However, inswing doors require a sweep gasket along with the bottom seal, which can create some friction that helps seal the gasket tightly against the threshold. 



Whether you choose inswing or outswing, patio doors are available in various styles and materials. At California Window & Door, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of inswing and outswing patio doors. Call to make an appointment or stop by our showroom to get guidance from our patio door experts. 

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