Barn Door Designs

More Than Just a Trend, Barn Doors Provide Functionality 

Barn DoorBarn doors are popping up everywhere. If you haven’t seen them in a friend’s newly remodeled house or in a post on Instagram, you are sure to see them on every design channel on TV.  No matter what design or décor you prefer, California Window & Door can suggest a barn door to fit your home or office aesthetics. Not only do they look great, Barn doors are an excellent solution to close off rooms where a traditional swinging door might not work. Read on to see what’s trending in barn door designs.



The Rustic Weathered Look

The look that started it all… Taking an old barn door or old weathered door and hanging it in your home. There’s so much charm and warmth in a reclaimed door, adding character to your home.  If putting in the work of finding and then refinishing isn’t your thing, Simpson has added a weathered treatment option for all of their barn doors. This process takes a new barn door and through a special finish process, gives it the look of a classic reclaimed barn door. That way you get the look with a door that will last.

Simpson Barn Door

Clean & Simple

For the minimalist who prefers their decor white or light, a white washed barn door can add a natural mystique.  By using black hardware, the white barn door stands out from the subtle tones yet ties a room together peacefully. Adding attractive glass panels provides a pleasant amount of light into the room.

The Statement Piece

Make that Barn Door pop! A fun technique to call attention to your favorite new home addition is adding it to a room with vibrant color.  Your door is sure to become the statement piece with a color contrast like the example below. What a fun place to gather with friends.

Going Modern with Glass

What may have started as a trend in country homes with an old Americana flair, has now made its way into the modern living space.  By adding glass panels to the wood or simply going full glass gives a modern feel and also helps bring light into a room. For a fresh look to an old conference room, try implementing large glass barn doors.

The Bonus to Barn Doors

As if the excitement of adding a barn door to your home wasn’t enough, you are also increasing the value of it. According to Zillow Digs, homes listed for sale that included “barn door” in their description, sold on average 13.4% more than expected, as well as 57 days faster.  That speaks volumes to how prominent barn doors have become.

Coachella Valley Door and Window Replacement Experts

If one of these barn door trends sparked your desire to add one to your own home, there’s no reason to wait. Our door and window replacement experts at California Window & Door can help you with all your design decisions and installation needs. We work with some of the best door and window companies to provide our customers with a vast selection of high-quality doors and windows. Call us at 760-773-1053 today for a free quote.

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