6 Window Styles For Modern Homes

Modern architectural design is constantly evolving to reflect modern thought, sensibilities, and trends, so there isn’t always a consensus on what constitutes modern design. But one thing is sure: contemporary style has always been focused on balancing simplicity, functionality, and boldness in its aesthetic.

These one-of-a-kind modern homes typically feature flat roofs with simple forms arranged asymmetrically. And since modern architecture can take on many forms, from simple lines to dramatic angles, designers can also push the envelope when it comes to the shape and positioning of the windows.

Multiple window units are prominently featured and arranged in rectangular, square, or irregular groupings in contemporary architecture. Narrow frame styles are often used to make the frames disappear as much as possible, and ornamentation is kept at a minimum to focus on large perceived spaces and welcome indoor-outdoor living. The use of oversized windows and expansive glass blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors and can be seen stretching the entire height or width of a wall, extending from floor to ceiling or even wrapping corners.


Here are 6 window styles that work well in modern and contemporary homes:

1. Double-Hung Windows
The double-hung window is an incredibly versatile window that fits nearly every architectural style, including modern contemporary design. What makes double-hung windows so useful is that you can open either one or both sashes for extra ventilation and operability.

contemporary windows for modern homes

2. Casement Windows
Casement windows feature clean lines and minimalist looks, which allow them to blend with the rest of the home’s architecture. Because they swing wide open like a door, they allow for uninterrupted vertical views and plenty of ventilation.

This type of window works particularly well in moisture-prone areas, making them ideal for busy areas of the home, including the kitchen and bathroom. Because they offer continuous glass, they can frame the outdoors without being obtrusive. When combined with picture windows, they can showcase ever broader, outside views.
window styles for modern homes

3. Awning Windows
Similar to a casement window, modern awning windows are engineered to open in an outward direction from the bottom to let refreshing air into your home and provide uninterrupted views to the exterior of your home. This window type is hung on the top frame to give the room an expansive and modern appearance.

4. Picture Windows
Picture windows are standard in many modern contemporary homes. Since they cannot be opened, their primary function is solely aesthetic. They can bathe a room in natural light and frame beautiful outdoor and landscape views, making them a great focal point for living rooms and dining areas.

As mentioned previously, picture windows work well when combined with other window styles, like casement windows. These windows can be installed anywhere in your home where there is a great view or where ventilation is not a concern, like staircases or living rooms with high walls or vaulted ceilings.

5. Sliding Windows and Moving Glass Wall Systems
For homeowners who want to achieve seamless indoor-outdoor living, sliding windows and moving glass wall systems are an excellent choice. They feature large glass panels that pair well with a modern home’s minimalist architecture

Sliding windows and moving wall systems feature side-by-side panels that slide open instead of swinging open like a casement window. They are easy to operate and clean, making them a perfect choice for people looking for an efficient, low-maintenance window. Plus, with their sleek and narrow frame lines, they can easily blend in with any aesthetic while maximizing views.

Just like double-hung and casement windows, this window style is an excellent choice if you are looking for more ventilation in your home.

Modern and contemporary architectural design is unique, which means that conventional shapes may not always work. Consider specialty shape windows like triangles, trapezoids, squares, half-circles, and more to accentuate your home’s design. The options are endless.

Whether you require an unusually large window or one that is oddly shaped, working with a reputable window and door company can help simplify the process since windows can be custom-designed to meet your precise specifications.

There are many contemporary window styles to choose from to give your home an enviable curb appeal. Truly exceptional modern homes take advantage of large and unique window designs to let in plenty of natural light and take in impressive views. If you have a modern home and are looking to replace or upgrade your windows, California Window and Doors can help you pick the right window style to complement your home’s aesthetic and architecture. Call us today to request a quote and learn more about our window and door replacement services. (760) 773-1053.

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