5 Eco-Friendly Steps to Spring Clean Your Windows

Spring has sprung in the Coachella Valley, and it’s time to get your windows looking spotless to enjoy those stunning desert views. Like many people, you might be in search of non-toxic ways to clean your home and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals found in traditional cleaning products. If so, you can walk down any store’s cleaning product aisle and find several options for “green” cleaning products. But the truth is you might already have the ingredients for the most effective window cleaner right in your pantry.

The order in which you clean your windows matters, so here are five simple steps to getting your windows a little cleaner the greener way.


Step 1: Clean Screens & Window Mechanisms
Begin by pulling off each window screen and cleaning it. Hosing screens down is a traditional method of doing this, but you can save water by wiping screens down with a vinegar solution (See Step 4). If your screens are really dusty, you can also use a soft-bristle tool to brush them lightly until clean.

Beyond keeping your glass clear, it is important to make sure the mechanisms of your window are clean, so they can function properly. You can use a vacuum mechanism or your soft-bristle tool to remove dirt and dust. If needed, a mild soap solution (See Step 2) is also a safe way to clean them; just make sure you rinse and wipe window mechanisms immediately after cleaning.


Step 2: Clean With Soap

When cleaning exterior windows or sliding doors, you have to contend with dirt and dust. In addition, if you have used conventional glass cleaners on your windows in the past, they can leave behind a layer of waxy gunk. Before you can get your windows sparkling and streak-free, you’ll need to remove the dirt and cut through any waxy layers. The best way to do this is with a simple soap and water solution. Prepare your soap solution in a spray bottle and spray down your windows.


The Soap Solution:

2-3 tbsp. Castile Soap

16 oz. water


Step 3: Wipe Down

There is a debate about whether micro-fiber cloths are truly eco-friendly. Even though they are reusable, they are not recyclable. Opt instead for using old sheets, sweatshirts, or t-shirts made of fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and linen.


Step 4: Rinse With Vinegar Solution

There are several recipes for DIY natural window cleaners, but one thing can be agreed upon, all you really need for a streak-free, eco-friendly window cleaning solution is white vinegar. Prepare your vinegar solution in a second spray bottle and spray down your window.


The Vinegar Solution:

1 part distilled white vinegar

1 part warm water


Step 5: Dry & Reattach Screens

Wipe away streaks and dry windows with a natural cloth. Reattach screens when all windows (and screens) are completely dry.



It is important to clean your windows at a time of day when the sun does not shine directly on them. The heat from the sun can dry your cleaning solutions which can result in streaks or spots.


Even if you’re not looking to green up your routine, it is important to keep exterior windows clean, not only for the view from inside your home but for proper equipment maintenance. When cleaning your windows, you might discover that it is actually time to replace them. If that is the case, contact California Window and Door, and our knowledgeable staff can suggest windows that will work best for your home. We work with some of the best companies to provide our customers with a vast selection of high-quality windows. Call us at 760-773-1053 today for a free quote.

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