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International Window Corporation (IWC) is known for manufacturing high-quality vinyl and aluminum windows and doors since 1957. They focus on comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. The Keltic series includes the 7800 Multi-Slide, 7600 Sliding Door, and 7223 Series Hinged Windows, known for their premium quality. The Ambassador Series, part of their aluminum range, features the 8200 Series Aluminum Windows and Doors, emphasizing options and performance. IWC prioritizes customer service, safety, and continuous product innovation.

Ambassador Series (Aluminum Doors & Windows)

The Ambassador Series by International Window Corporation features the ThermoTech™ design, offering high-performance aluminum windows that are both energy-efficient and aesthetically versatile. These windows allow for split color options, combining different tones inside and out. They come with a lifetime warranty and are designed to be durable and maintenance-free. Low-E glass is standard across all Ambassador products, enhancing their energy efficiency.

Keltic Series (Vinyl Doors & Windows)

The Keltic 7223 Series Hinged Windows from International Window Corporation are designed for both residential and commercial properties. These windows feature a thermally broken frame with AZON’s MLP™ thermal break system for improved energy efficiency and strength. The series includes various window types like casements, awnings, hoppers, and fixed windows. They are equipped with heavy-duty 4-bar friction hinges for smooth operation, cam locks for security, and foam weatherstripping for enhanced insulation.

The Keltic Door Series by International Window Corporation features advanced doors with a focus on quality and versatility. These doors are available in various configurations, including large sliding, pocket, and 90° corner doors. Key features include the option for multiple track systems, Roll-Xtreme rollers, a variety of finishes, energy-efficient glass, and options for motorized systems. The series emphasizes sleek design with functional hardware and offers a range of customization possibilities.

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At International Window, quality is our trademark. That is why we leave nothing to chance. With over fifty years experience in the industry, we bring you the all new Keltic Door Series. This series is available in large sliding, pocket doors, 90° corners and custom configurations. All of the door panels easily collapse together, giving you the option to create an opening as large as you can imagine. With quick lead times, quality manufacturing, and a name like International Window … the Keltic Door Series can fill any opening.

The Ambassador Series, which features our innovative new ThermoTech™ design, is a high-performance aluminum window that is energy efficient as well as meet the color requirements of an interior designer. With its dual design extrusions, you can mix earth tones on the outside with neutral colors in the inside. When energy efficiency is a priority or requirement, the Ambassador Series can meet these demands at a price that won’t break your budget.

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