Winter Home Maintenance – Door and Window Tips

Preparing Windows and Doors for Winter and Rain

winter home maintenance Winter for Southern California residents is a bit of a foreign concept, but energy efficiency is a well-known fact. Did you know that drafty doors and windows are responsible for up to 40% of your home’s energy loss? Before temperatures begin to drop, now’s the time to prepare your home for potential rain and cooler weather. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then these winter home maintenance tips are exactly what your doors and windows need:

Can you feel the temperature rise or drop when you walk near your door? Is there a draft even when your doors are closed? Is your door difficult to open or close? Have you noticed moisture between window panes? If so, keep reading to learn how to properly prepare your windows and doors for winter and rain.Read more

Choosing the Best Front Door for Desert Weather

replacement door

While the entry door to any home can instantly make, or break, the home’s curb appeal, design isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when choosing a front door. That’s because the key to choosing the perfect front door for your home comes from a decision that equally balances design aesthetic with overall durability.  How do you choose the best front door for desert weather?

When focusing on durability, one of the first things to consider when choosing a new front door for your home is how much and what kind of weather the door is going to be exposed to on a regular basis. For instance, a door that can withstand the snow of the mountains may not hold up the same as a door that bears the heat of the desert all year long.

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Colorful Replacement Doors and Other Front Door Trends to Upgrade Your Outdoor Entry

front door trendsThere are many ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and one of the easiest is to upgrade your front door. From bold colors to unique windows and doorknobs, following some front door trends can add elegance or whimsy to your home style. At California Window and Door, we have a wide selection of replacement doors and can help you select doors and accessories to create a more welcoming entry to your home.Read more

Rooms to Consider for New Windows and Doors

before-after-win3New windows and doors can make a dramatic difference in the beauty and functionality of your home. From increasing natural light into a space to creating a more convenient entry, new windows and doors provide an array of options for your home. California Window and Door has a vast selection of designs and materials to complement any style. Consider these areas to upgrade to new windows and doors:

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Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Overlook New Windows and Doors

IMG_1839Remodeling your house is an exciting project, with so many choices and many plans and details to keep in mind. Often, homeowners include new cabinets, appliances, flooring, paint and other upgrades and changes, but may overlook new windows and doors. If you are spending a great deal of effort to update you home and improve the appearance and functionality, don’t forget to evaluate your windows and doors. Here are some great reasons to replace windows and doors during remodeling:

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Understanding Different Types of Exterior Replacement Doors

replacement doorThere are a few reasons you may be planning to replace exterior doors in your home. Maybe they are old and damaged, maybe you’re hoping for more energy efficiency, or maybe you just want to improve the style and curb appeal. Replacement doors are available in a wide range of designs and materials and it’s important to understand the options before you make a choice. At California Window & Door, we offer an extensive selection of replacement doors and can help you decide which may be best for your home.

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4 Ways Replacement Doors Can Make an Impact

replacement doorsAre you considering replacing the exterior doors for your home? There are quite a few significant benefits of installing new doors. California Window and Door has a vast selection of replacement doors, and design and installation experts to make the process a pleasure. Here are a few reasons why you may want to replace your doors.

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Replacement Windows: Do You Know Your Window Style?

Replacement WindowsIf you are considering replacement windows, the first thing you may need to know is what window style you need. Whether you want the same type of window or an upgrade, with our vast selection and expertise, California Window & Door can help you update your home with new windows.

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Benefits of Updating Your Home with New Windows and Doors

new doorsAre you thinking about new windows and doors for your home? A few upgrades and renovations can make a difference to improve the overall appearance of your property. Here are a few benefits of updating your home with new windows and doors to consider:

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